Unique Indoor Plant Stands You Can Shop Now

We love having plants around in the house and are always looking for new ways to show them off. But everyone is different from our tastes in plants, home styles, furniture, and just about everything else. Whether your home is midcentury modern or farmhouse eclectic, whether you live in the verdant Pacific Northwest or sunny, hot Southern California, whether you’re looking to bring plants into your home, office, or both, there’s a look for you and your plant stand matters.

Indoor plant stands give your plants a little more gravitas in the room. Think about what a space without plants feels like: clinical, sterile. Now add plants. Cozy, right? Plants can provide us with a world of beauty, color, and gratification. The first step toward hosting houseplants is to find a space where they can reside. Plant stands will hold the rewards of your green thumb in unique, chic, modern, or rustic ways.

A study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found that certain indoor plants do a fantastic job of filtering our interior air of chemicals. But plants don’t just clean our air and generate a sense of Zen. They’re also designing powerhouses, able to play into completely different looks and design aesthetics and act as statement pieces or subtle decor. Combined with the perfect indoor plant stand, plants can truly bring any space to life.

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Unique Indoor Plant Stands for Any Room

Moon Crescent Indoor Plant Stand


The curved ladder design gives this Bonsai-style indoor plant stand a stylish and modern look. The half moon shape design catches the eye as a focal piece and adds to any home decor. Its uses are endless as it can be used to display collectibles, flowers, books, plants, pictures. etc. 

Bamboo Tiered Indoor Plant Stand


This indoor plant stand uses bamboo, which is an eco-friendly, sustainable natural resource for its strength and durability. This fits great in any bohemian style space and can be a great addition to an eco-styled home. The height of each layer is different, and tall leafy plants and small succulents can be displayed at the same time.

Mini Wooden Stool Plant Stand


This mini wooden stool has a very minimalist style, and should fit well with most home decor and furniture. It’s perfect for those who have smaller plants but still want to show them off. Often spaces that lean on the minimalist side or those pressed for space can benefit from a mini indoor plant stand. Present your plants at new heights with this cute stand.

Modern Adjustable Plant Stands


This style is everywhere for good reason. Understanding that one size does not fit all we found an adjustable version. Simple, but roomy enough for any plant’s complexity. Extremely versatile in design it can bring midcentury, rustic, bohemian, trendy, and minimalist home decor to your home. Between the beautiful lines and charming neutral color, it’s as much a piece of art as it is a functional design element. 

Yimobra Original Bronze Planter


For a more traditional look, try this bronze plant stand. It adds a crisp look for even your most eccentric plants. Pair it with a fun colored pot if you want to have some more fun, or keep up the classic look and go for a terra cotta planter. Place it next to your TV stand or a chair to add more depth to your space.

ADOVEL Corner Bamboo Plant Stand


Sometimes there’s only one corner that gets just the right amount of light. Or maybe a tight corner has the only floor space you can spare. Either way, this smartly designed plant stand lets you use your free corner space as plant storage. And with three shelves, all at different heights, you can experiment with various arrangements.

Rustic Brown Serving Cart (turned indoor plant stand)


A great option for a less industrial look, this bar cart is stylish on its own but would look great with an eclectic mix of potted plants on top. Another option when creating indoor plant stands can be to repurpose things you already have in your home such as for example, a piano stool. 

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