Tips for Creating a Mindful Space at Home

Creating a space for mindfulness is almost as fulfilling as the practice itself

Creating a space for mindfulness in the comfort of your own home is almost as fulfilling as the mindfulness practice itself. Maybe you already meditate in the mornings or practice yoga but haven’t created a space solely for that purpose. The best part about creating such a space is that there’s no wrong way to do this. All you need is a little time, some supplies, and your good intentions.

Here are some tips:

Identify Your Space’s Purpose

If you’re looking to create a space for mindfulness, you’ll want to decide how you will be using this space. The most important part about creating your space is setting your intention for that area. Different purposes require different attributes. For example, if you want to make a meditation corner, you’ll simply need a small space with a cushion, and maybe a clock or a timer nearby. Once you set your intention, it’s time to find where you will be spending your time.

Find a Space

With your intention in mind, search around your home or apartment to find the perfect space to fulfill your intention. If you want to create a space for meditation, you’ll want to find a space that is quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and you absolutely claim as yours. For yoga, you may need a larger space, possibly with a mirror. Regardless if you choose a whole room or a corner, just make sure the space you choose will be able fulfill that purpose. Keep in mind, it may require a little transformation and decorating to fulfill that purpose, but you’ll know the perfect space when you see it.

Some areas to consider for your personal space include:

  • Spare rooms
  • Quiet corners
  • Small patios/screened-In patio
  • Garden spaces
  • A corner of your backyard
  • Walk-in closets

Personalize Your Space

Make your space your own by personalizing certain aspects of the area. Consider having a few meditation must-haves. Maybe you want to include fabrics, artwork, cards from loved ones, or other touchstones. Add in special books that inspire you. These are just some ideas to spark inspiration; what you do with space is entirely up to you.

Affirm You Space

Another idea and meditation must-haves are adding a few positive affirmation quotes to your space. If a quote really speaks to you, print it out on a piece of paper or cardstock. You can frame the quote, or simply place the quote in a place where you can see it. Sometimes we need reminders of why we do specific things. Keeping quotes where we can see them is a reminder of why we work with intention in the first place.

Set the Ambience

Add a little ambiance to your space by incorporating candles, incense, and oils into your room. The sense of smell is one of the most primal senses. Your olfactory glands can transform you to another place and time. Candles can even enhance the room with a little mood lighting. Of course, be careful when using candles; you don’t want your meditation room to become a fire hazard. And consider music to inspire you!

Get Comfortable

Add a throw rug to your space to create even more ambiance and to make the space a little more comfortable. You can place padded mats underneath your rug for extra cushioning for your yoga poses or have a large pillow to meditate on.

Add A Touch of Nature

Another easy and beautiful environmental addition is plants. If your space is indoors, plants can bring nature and greenery into your space. If your space is outdoors, plants can create some privacy and block the sounds of the street or neighbors. You can even decorate your plants with small lights. Rocks also have centering energy and can be stacked up or arranged to make artistic accents.

Tips for Patios, Room and Lawns

If you want an outdoor area for your mindfulness, there are a couple of additional tips you should consider when choosing and decorating the perfect spot.

Control the Noise

If you live in a noisy area, try adding a white noise machine to your space to help block out some of the extra noise. You can even add a water feature to an outdoor space or a room for yet another natural element. Moving water creates a peaceful and serene space while creating a soothing and relaxing sound.

Weatherproofing Your Area

As much as we love nature, we need to be prepared for its changing seasons. Add a solar shade for a screened-in patio for when it’s extra sunny or a large umbrella for other patios and outdoor spaces. Have waterproof storage to place your pillows and throw rugs in rainy weather.


You’ll also want to consider the lighting in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Indoor spaces require a little mood lighting. You can use candles, lanterns, and lamps to create this effect. You can even string up some holiday lights to give your room a whimsical feel. If your space is outdoors, you’ll want lights that are functional as well as decorative. You’ll want to be able to see regardless if you use the space in the day or at night. Add a few lights to the path that leads to your space, or place all-weather lanterns to help light your way.

No matter how you decide to decorate your special area, you can’t go wrong. The intention for the space is to bring peace and relaxation, so personalizing it should do just that. Namaste!

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