Natural Spa Interior Design Tips For Your Home


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The spa industry has been booming in recent years as people increasingly seek out ways to relax and rejuvenate. If you think about a day spa or even today’s wellness centers, they offer a variety of services beyond just massages and facial treatments. Instead, they are often complete experiences that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. That’s thanks to the natural spa interior design that uses natural materials in simple ways to provide a unique experience. Fortunately, you can easily bring that same feeling into your own home with these natural spa interior design tips.

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Natural Spa Interior Design Ideas

Natural Elements

Raw materials such as wood, stone, and bamboo are excellent choices for natural spa interior design. They create a feeling of being one with nature, which is the perfect way to relax. Use these materials sparingly throughout your home for the best effect.


Interior designers create a spa environment using elements from our natural surroundings like natural stone. Think about the treatment rooms you’ve been in that have used cool, smooth marble. The use of stone is one of the most popular ways to bring a natural spa feeling into your home as it can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for flooring, walls, and even furniture.

  • Mosaic tiles are another way to bring the outdoors in as they can be used for flooring, walls, or even as a kitchen backsplash. Look for natural stone mosaic tiles in shades of blue, green, and brown to create a serene space.
  • Terracotta tiles are a great way to add color and interest to your home as they are available in a wide range of colors and styles. They can also be used for flooring, walls, or as an accent.
  • The use of marbles, granite, and limestone are other ways to use natural stone in your home. Each of these stones has unique colors and patterns that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind space.


While stone creates a feeling of being one with nature, plants are nature. They are an essential element and the perfect way to add color, life, and freshness to your home. Plants also help to purify the air, so they are not only aesthetically pleasing but healthy as well.

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. There are plenty of options for low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for. Try a snake plant, succulent, or air plant.

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The sound of running water is one of the most relaxing sounds in the world. Not only that, having fresh water around is essential for good health.

You can add a water element to your home in a number of ways. A water fountain is an excellent choice as it can be placed indoors or outdoors. If you have a backyard, consider adding a pond or water feature. You could also add a waterfall to your shower for a truly relaxing experience.

  • In the bath areas of your home, make sure to have plenty of fresh, clean towels on hand as well as some scented candles or diffusers.
  • Infused water is another way to add fresh water to your home while also infusing it with the benefits of fruits, herbs, and spices.


Wooden decks, saunas, and even hot tubs are all popular ways spas use wood in their interior design ideas. Dark woods are often used to create a feeling of relaxation, while light woods can make a space feel more open and airy. You can use wood in a contemporary bathroom design or a more traditional living room spa.

A new addition to the wood element in spa interior design is the use of wood walls. Wood walls can add texture and interest to any room while also providing a feeling of warmth.

Additional Elements

While natural elements are essential to creating a wellness space, to take it up a notch and create a luxury spa design there are a few additional elements you’ll want to include.


When it comes to choosing colors for your natural spa interior design, think about the colors that are found in nature. blues, greens, browns, and whites are all excellent choices. You could also use a pop of color to add interest to your space.

Green walls are a popular choice for spas as they make the space feel alive and vibrant. If you’re looking for a more calming effect, try using blue or white.

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The use of natural light is one of the most important elements in natural spa interior design. Large windows and skylights are excellent ways to let in natural light. Your surrounding landscape can also play a role in the natural light in your home.

If you don’t have access to natural light, there are still ways to create a spa-like atmosphere. Use soothing, diffused light throughout your home to create a calming space. You can also use candles to add a warm, inviting glow to your home. Himalayan salt lamps are another option as they not only provide light but also help to purify the air.


Open spaces and a lack of clutter are important in any spa design. This is because having too much stuff around can make a space feel cramped and busy. Organizational systems are a great way to keep your home feeling spacious and serene.

  • In the bedroom, consider using a clothes rack instead of a dresser. This will free up space and make it easier to get ready in the morning.
  • In the living room, use baskets or trunks to store items out of sight.
  • In the kitchen, use mason jars to store food items and spices.
  • In the bathroom, use wicker or bamboo baskets to store toiletries and towels


The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. It can instantly transport us to another place and evoke certain emotions.

When creating a natural spa interior design, it’s important to choose scents that are relaxing and promote a sense of well-being. Some of the best scents for a spa-like atmosphere are lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, and citrus.

You can use these scents in a number of ways. One option is to diffuse them using an essential oil diffuser. You could also add them to a pot of boiling water on the stove or use them in homemade cleaning products.

Extra spaces/rooms in your home

If you have the budget and the space, consider creating/repurposing extra rooms in your home that can be used as a natural spa. Common rooms to create include:

  • Massage rooms – add a table to your home and create a space where you can give yourself or others massages.
  • Steam room – this can easily be your bathroom or steam bath. Hang a shower curtain around the perimeter of your tub and add some essential oils to your shower to create a steam room.
  • Fitness studio or relaxation room – depending on how you like to relax, if you have an empty room you can use it to create a space for yoga, meditation, or just simply reading a book.

Recreating natural spa interior design can be very easy with a few simple elements. Depending on your design style, you may want to focus on different elements. However, the most important thing is to create a space that promotes relaxation and well-being. Just remember to focus on a natural environment that gives you a sense of freedom and that unique spa experience.

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