Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Looking for modern living room wall decor ideas to refresh your space? While blank walls can add a little bit of visual balance to a room, they’re often just missed opportunities for decor. Wall decoration is an art that brings back to life the most boring rooms ever. Infuse it with warmth and personality by adding creative artwork, mixed media, and vintage finds. Just make sure whatever you fill your empty wall with not only looks good but also goes with everything else in your living space and shows off your personal style.

Often mixed with contemporary style, modern style is based on a design evolution that was created at the turn of the 20th century. Modern living room wall decor should celebrate natural elements, neutral or earthy tones, along with a reduction in excessive detailing. Modern decor should include clean lines, meaningful with an edited approach.

These modern living room wall decor ideas have the most essential modern elements. It’s intentional decor with functionality at its core—but without compromising style. Modern design may not have a single definition, but it was and is a movement that characterized a large number of design styles.

1. Clean Lines in Art

Modern living room decor ideas are often built around simple, clean lines. Strong horizontal and vertical lines in modernist architecture are echoed in furniture and décor designs.

Recreate this look with the abstract wooden wall panels by OF.

2. Clean Lines in Shelves

Modern living room decor ideas with clean lines which are simply put, lines that are unbroken and uninterrupted. We tend to associate clean lines with modern architecture and on walls really draw the eyes.

Recreate this look with the wire cube floating shelves by MyGiftStore.

3. Natural Palette

Modern living room wall decor usually also includes the use of natural materials and neutral or earthy colors. Think unpainted wood, metals, leather, and monochromatic colors.

Recreate this look with the Wavson Wall Sculpture by SEI.

4. Bold Neutrals

Modernist artists rejected the traditional idealistic view of realism and decided to create expressive artwork in vibrant colors and unlikely forms instead.

Recreate this look with the Haus and Hues Neutral wall art.

4. Nature Meets Lines

These planters form clear vertical lines and showcase the natural elements on a neutral palette, all of the right elements to make it prime modern living room wall decor.

Recreate this look with the geometric modern planter by Pudding Cabin.

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