Inspired By: The Martin Living Room

The Martin TV show has many iconic moments. At any moment Martin would do a silly dance, crack a joke on Pam, and even kick his best friends out of his apartment. And all of these moments mainly took place in the Martin living room. From the green couch to African-inspired art it’s a set worth revisiting and using for inspiration.

In the Martin living room, there were always interesting designs on pillows or throws. It is easy to recreate this look at home by using a comforter as a base and then adding different pillowcases as separates. In fact, it can be fun, because you’ll want to change up your pillows seasonally! Here are some quick tips for how to do this:

  1. Choose black, white, red, and green fabric for African-inspired pillows that also bring the color into your room. Add fringe along the bottom to play up that “southern” look of Martin’s apartment.
  2. Run with the orange striped blanket idea if you like it so much, but incorporate other types of blankets too (striped fleece, chevron). Slipcovers are the way to go if it’s not feasible to make custom pillowcases.
  3. To give pillows a feel like Martin’s apartment, choose a fabric with earthy colors (khaki, browns). Accent with fringe or tassels to complete the look
  4. Layer different sizes and patterned pillows on your bed for a big impact, like Martin did with his comforters. You can use this as an opportunity to switch out your comforter seasonally (Hint: warm colors for winter). A neutral color linen blanket works well if you don’t want to invest in new bedding just yet.
  5. Add pops of color with accent pillows that bring together the patterns and fabrics of the rest of your decor arrangement. Accent walls can work too if it’s not too busy looking and fits the style of the room (African theme) and/or is colorful enough to blend in with your other decorating choices or be used as a plain backdrop

Martin’s apartment set is a very interesting set because it was the living room/dining area/kitchen all in one. This open concept is a very common feature even in apartments today. If you are living in an apartment and want to recreate the martin living room you are already ahead with this concept in mind.

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First, the colors you will want to use in this room are deep yellows, greens, and purples, and browns. Then add pops of color from African patterns or art along with some ceramics for a pop on top of the deep-colored walls. In all honesty, it’s a very simple way to add something really special to your living room without going overboard with color.

Keep in mind the walls in the martin living room were purple with an orange accent depending on the time. And then the room had orange/yellow velvet furniture that was very plush.

So to begin, decide on a color scheme, what colors will you use? For inspiration look at dark colors, greens, and browns of plants, deep oranges, or yellows of sunsets. And pops of purple or blue here and there.

Martin Living Room Inspiration

Another piece that works well is a sofa table behind your couch instead of using two end tables on the side of your couch. This adds some space between the two side chairs while also adding a great place to put decor pieces and reading material within arm’s reach for when you sit down after coming back from work or from running errands around.     

The martin living room was decorated in bold colors; green, yellow, orange, and red. These bright stand-out colors are commonplace in African art, especially masks like the ones hanging on the wall.

The large African art piece over the brown couch gave it a great look, but there are many other great things about this set that could be used for inspiration. These include the wood coffee table with its round corners, the patterned curtains hung over the large windows letting light into this living room.

The Martin living room set has very iconic pieces of furniture that any fan will recognize. First is the orange-red couch which made many appearances throughout the show’s run. The wooden coffee table with plastic mats was also frequently seen as well as the bright yellow chairs surrounding it for whenever his friends came over to play cards or eat dinner.

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Recreating the living room is fairly simple since most of the pieces are just solid colors. If you’re looking to create an exact replica I would go out and find green couches with wood frame coffee tables with circular glass tops, bright yellow chairs, and an African-inspired art. Other than that there’s not much more furniture in the show’s original version but if you want to add in some more decorations here are some ideas:

  • Tiki statues
  • Hanging tapestries
  • Plants
  • Throw pillows with African inspired patterns
  • Masks, spears, and shields
  • A record collection

You’ll first need to create the base of the martin living room which includes

  1. A couch, one accent chair, a coffee table, and one end table
  2. Then you’ll want to hang some tapestries on your walls.
  3. Once you have this base down you can start decorating with African-inspired items such as masks, spears, shields, etc…

As far as your record player goes I would say go ahead and put it on the end wall by the door.

The last thing that’s left for you is to pick out furniture items that match their style! For instance, depending on the season, they have three different chairs that they use throughout the living room; one chair is a plain, backless chair that you might find in any household and another is a colorful wicker-backed chair. The third and final chair is an armchair with colorful, modern fabric patterns intertwined with geometric shapes. You can do this with your own furniture or if you want to stick to their original theme I would definitely suggest the three chairs since it keeps with their African, tribal vibes.

The apartment has a very central location in the city center. You are pretty close to all of the major attractions, shops, restaurants, etc. They want their apartment to feel open and roomy since they don’t live here full time. With that being said there are plenty of large windows throughout the apartment which keeps the place well lit during the daytime hours.

Remember when decorating have fun! To be honest there aren’t many rules when making your very own version of Martin’s living room but just remember to have fun while doing so… don’t get too stressed out over all of this! There are no set positions for where every piece of furniture and accessory should go. There is no set color for walls or items that need to be painted, just remember everything is your choice! I mentioned this already but I’ll say it again: have fun with this!

Keep in mind that the martin living room set changes depending on the season you’re watching. For instance, in one episode they have a Christmas tree which would be an awesome addition to the living room that you’re creating.

Remember when watching the show that it was created in the 90’s so you probably won’t be able to find all of their decorations, but once you create this room in your home you’ll want to make it look like The Martin Living Room set every season!

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