How to Incorporate an Egg Chair in Your Living Room

Eggs chairs are all the rage right now. Furniture was always decorated with ornate shapes, and carvings, and fancy woods. The busier the better. Then we graduated to a minimalistic style and the egg chair with its soft lines came along. Its sublime blend of form and function, a marriage of coziness and stylishness fits well in modern spaces.

Most people prefer this chair not only for its appealing looks but also for its comfortability and wellness benefits that you can rarely get from other designs. The egg chair is a perfect place to curl up, relax, read, and meditate. Its ergonomically sound design supports improved posture and alleviates strain in the back, shoulders, and neck. It has high sides and cradling, cushioned seat perfect for prolonged sitting. 

Cradling, womb-like, and insanely sculptural, nothing tops the ingenuity of the famous Egg chair. Their peculiar, womb-like shape was born from a mid-century experience and supreme vision of its creator. Namely, they have that quirky, structural appeal, which made them an instant classic. With a thousand designs, there will definitely be an egg chair to fit your style.

But with so many designs to choose from it can be difficult to find a way to incorporate egg chairs into your living room theme. If your style is farmhouse or contemporary can an egg chair fit into this theme? We say yes. If you are creative enough and have a little imagination you can incorporate this style of chair into just about any space. Don’t let the shape be intimidating at all.

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Designing with a Classic Egg Chair

These classic and timeless egg chairs work in both classical, modern, and contemporary interiors. With this style of egg chairs to ensure it doesn’t feel overly out of place in a traditional interior, you can choose one in a fabric that’s similar in color to your other furniture—it’ll make all the difference creating a cohesive and consistent feel. This egg chair by Stone & Beam Rosewood combines contemporary flair and comfort to create a great accent.

Designing with a Modern Pod Egg Chair

Pod chairs aren’t for those who prefer more subtle or timid design styles. If you love the look of an egg chair but are a little less than confident about plunking a hard-shelled sphere in the middle of your living room, you can also try more ball-shaped chairs. Designed to provide comfort and an element of privacy for the sitter in the otherwise public space these chairs are perfect for contemporary and eclectic living spaces. EOE Designs makes a globe egg chair that can be easily used in just about any space.

The Chic Hanging Egg Chair

Being that it’s translucent, the egg bubble chair is perfect for layering in front of a wall of windows or adding to a chic living space. There’s also no reason a hanging egg chair can’t be factored into a living room’s conversation space. Just remember to carefully consider symmetry when designing a room with a clear egg chair. This bubble swing chair by Merdian has a perfect sense of balance and style to create a chic and contemporary look.

Whimsical Wicker Egg Chair

Usually seen outdoors or poolside this egg chair is now making an appearance indoors. Designed to bring the feeling of nature indoors, when partnered up with a pouf or knit throw, you can curate the ultimate boho style with bare-bones effort. This Christopher Knight tear drop egg chair is not only eye-catching but adds a chic boho feel to any space.

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