How To Enhance Your Space Storage Tips

Even if you have your space storage, over time, a family’s needs can change. With advances in technology, there are also more people choosing to work from home, and with must-have outdoor living spaces in most new homes, entertaining at home is back in vogue. To corral the clutter, stress less about the mess, and have fun with some fabulous storage ideas. There are so many innovative storage solutions to try!

Do a Your Space Storage Audit

It’s a good idea to do a little decluttering before arranging storage spaces. That way, you’ll know exactly what you need to find space for. And, no, we don’t necessarily mean tossing out things you love or haven’t used for a while (which is, of course, the whole point of sorting out extra storage.) According to Box Clever Interiors designer Hilary Sharp, the rule of thumb for decluttering a space is simple: “Ready access to things you use frequently and clever storage solutions for those you don’t.” Things such as knick-knacks can become dust collectors and take up space. So, what’s Hilary’s advice? “Keep a few iconic pieces and pop away the rest and for the ones you keep, look at ways you can display them better.”

  • Sort everything into piles, boxes or bags — things to donate to charity, items you’d like to pass on to friends, those to sell online and those to keep.
  • Once you’ve cleared the clutter you plan to pass on, sort what you plan to keep into things used less frequently, things used seasonally (such as rotating scatter cushions) and things used annually (Christmas decorations, Easter decor, etc).


Storage can take many forms. As well as being a place to tuck away things that you don’t use every day, it’s a way to keep things neat and tidy, for example, a kid’s toy box. Storage is also a way to maximize space, such as a bed that contains room underneath or drawers to hold blankets. And it’s a means to create a more functional and organized space, such as home office storage that enables you to keep everything you need at your fingertips.

Overall, storage is a critical element in good design.

When looking at space-saver solutions, bringing in a design professional can help you make the right decisions. They’re trained in spatial layout and how to create balance and harmony in a room. They can also see things with fresh eyes, helping you to reflect your personal style and discover ways to maximize your space.

Some storage areas can look fabulous, if they aren’t practical, they’re not serving their purpose. Storage needs to be functional. A classic example of a nonfunctional space is a corner cupboard in the kitchen with shelves — it’s easy for things to be buried at the back. Maximize the available space for storage with drawers — you don’t need as many as you do shelves because they are more space-efficient, meaning you can fit more in. The same principle flows into bathrooms, bedrooms, and office storage. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, anything below bench level is more functional if it’s drawers.

Wasted spaces can pop up in some unlikely places, under the stairs for example. Take an unused area and give it a purpose. Like using the end of a hallway with a window to create a cosy window seat with shelving underneath. Not only can you grab a book from underneath, but you can sit down in a light-filled space, read and relax. You can also use the end of a hallway as study space — if it’s wide enough, a little clever shelving can provide room to set up a home office and store supplies. Or you can place a narrow bench seat there, perfect for stowing school bags or the kids’ sporting equipment.

Hidden storage is a practical way to tuck away mess. Under-floor compartments have a multitude of storage potential, including as a place to stash kids’ toys, throws, soft pillows, and more. Underfloor storage for wine bottles with a little latch on the floor to lift up is also a great use of space.

A hidden slimline door in a bedroom can house a safe, an artwork on a kitchen wall can open up to reveal spices or seldom-used appliances.

Pull-out storage furniture is another clever option. Some ottomans open up completely — the interior pulls up and out to create a bed for unexpected overnight guests, so you can do away with having to store a spare bed altogether.

Contemporary furniture is often designed with storage in mind. Beds, stools, ladders, sideboards, ottomans and more can serve double duty as storage.

Modern ottomans are a great way to store things you want out of the way, but also want easy access to. At your entryway, you could consider placing a bench seat or long ottoman with an upholstered seat that lifts up for shoe storage.

Beds have drawers that slide out or flip up and some beds can be lifted completely offthe base to provide ample storage for blankets and other items underneath. A low bookshelf strategically placed at the foot of the bed is a clever way to keep your favourite novels on hand.

Bar carts are on trend and are a fabulous way to store your favourite tipple, glasses, ice buckets and bar equipment. You can roll them to where you need them when party time strikes.

In small areas, clever storage solutions are important. Backless options such as see-through cubes can offer storage and segregate spaces. And a compact dining table pushed up against a wall with shelving above gives you a place to showcase decor items.

From storage boxes to baskets, containers, jars, jugs and more, there is a host of ways to organize and store smaller items. In your wardrobe, lightweight storage boxes are easy to lift onto shelves overhead and can look great, too — some are transparent so at a glance, you can see what’s inside.

Boxes with a little bling can add style to your home — small storage items can be both attractive and functional. “Seagrass baskets are great for extra storage in bathrooms or living spaces. Opt for more sophisticated storage baskets for the playroom, too, rather than using kiddie storage tubs.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Space Storage

  1. Bedroom storage is always an issue, so opting for a gas-lift bed or one with storage in the ensemble base is a great idea.
  2. An ottoman at the end of the bed or as a coffee table in your living room with lift-up storage is great for storing winter linens.
  3. Build as much storage into your TV unit as possible. If you can’t afford built-ins, try a buffet for your TV unit so you get extra storage without the price.
  4. When planning your kitchen cabinetry, ensure the upper cabinets go all the way to the ceiling; this also gives the appearance of the ceiling being further away making the room feel more spacious.
  5. Always install storage shelves behind your mirror in bathrooms.

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