How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Astrology Aesthetic

Astrology is often used to help guide choices to do with work and love, but did you know that it can also provide helpful insights into your astrology aesthetic? Separate from your star or sun sign, you have another zodiac sign that wields special influence over your astrology aesthetic. The qualities of that sign show what you need at home and describe how you can find fulfillment with family.

Your sun or star sign most describes you as a person. It can describe traits, talents and tendencies you draw on in all areas of life. It’s one secret of astrology that we all have each of the 12 signs represented somewhere in our charts and lives. Even though you may most define yourself by your sun or star sign, astrologers actually limit that sign’s influence to a specific and narrow area of your life. When your whole birth chart is considered, it’s easy to see that other zodiac signs influence other life spheres.

It’s one secret of astrology that we all have each of the 12 signs represented somewhere in our charts and lives.

For instance, regardless of your sun or star sign, you might have Scorpio ruling over and influencing your career area or Gemini ruling over and influencing your children and romance sector. An astrologer can quickly share with you which sign influences which areas in your life.

Find out your astrology aesthetic sign using the table below. If you know your chart or have studied astrology, look for your ascendant or rising sign listed first; your domestic sign is the sign that has the most influence on 4th house topics, according to the older whole sign house system. If you don’t know your chart, just look up your sign using this calculator.

How To Decorate Your Home According to Your Astrology Aesthetic

Aries at home: your domestic sign is a Cancer astrology aesthetic

Even though you might be a fire sign at heart, when it comes to your home life, protective Cancer dominates. You may be integral in helping develop and maintain family connections, especially once you have children or a family of your own. Inclusiveness may be important and your home may become the hub of your extended family. You might dream about living near the water but having a home that’s comfortable, safe, and easy to afford is essential. Feeding loved ones and guests may be important to you, so having a few tried and true recipes, plus all the kitchen gadgets you can imagine, may be important. You may keep family mementos or hold on to sentimental pieces or rituals to honor family traditions, too. Recommended design ideas:

Taurus at home: your domestic sign is a Leo

You’ll want stability as well as flair and excitement with Leo ruling your home life. This style in terms of astrology design desires luxury and spark. Color and images can be important, so opt for art that has meaning or inspires you, and repaint to suit changing color preferences. Since Leo loves luxury, you might splurge on a five-star appliance or piece of furniture. As a fire sign, Leo loves a good view and you may prefer to live on a hill or somewhere with a grand vista out the window. A home you can be proud of will be important and you may enjoy small DIY or upgrade projects. As you have an eye for a bargain but also crave quality, you may have a knack for blending garage sale finds with high-end pieces. You can be stubborn and may need to learn to be more flexible or accommodating of others’ needs. On the other hand, the family loves how loyal and reliable you can be. Recommended design ideas:

Gemini at home: your domestic sign is a Virgo astrology aesthetic

Home is a place of grounding and getting focused, as practical Virgo influences your domestic life. This sign in terms of astrology design is one of the minimalist zodiac signs. This zodiac aesthetic will want a well-organized space with great storage. You may have a more minimalist style and prefer functional furniture rather than an excess of anything. With family, you prefer planning and preparation and may find it tricky to manage last-minute changes. Virgo is an earth sign so living where you have access to a garden, land, or park space would be ideal. Or you may grow simple food, like lettuce, tomatoes, or even potted herbs. Your home can be a place of wellness that inspires others to live a clean, healthy existence. You might like to exercise at home and will want space to organize your health rituals. Feeding loved ones and guests may be important to you, so having a few tried and true recipes, plus all the kitchen gadgets you can imagine, may be important. Recommended design ideas:

Cancer at home: your domestic sign is a Libra

Harmony and beauty may be important in your home. As a water sign, you’re naturally nurturing, but with sweet Libra influencing your domestic life you’ll want a home that’s well designed and comfortable. Pretty touches, through art, décor and plants or flowers, may be important. The air element of Libra means you’ll prefer living in a community or a location that’s accessible so you can easily connect with the world. Think walking distance to shops and cafes and, since air likes space, opt for something with big windows or a lovely vista. Fairness with family may be important and you’ll be willing to do your share of the hosting and organising, but will also want others to contribute, too.

Leo at home: your domestic sign is a Scorpio astrology aesthetic

You’ll crave a home you can make your own and that’s private. This sign in terms of astrology design is another one of the many minimalist zodiac signs. Even though as a Leo you like to celebrate, with Scorpio influencing your home, your living space needs to be calm and comfortable. You might prefer owning to renting, as that can give you greater control, but you’ll want to ensure your place is affordable, where the cost of housing doesn’t negatively impact on other lifestyle factors. Having a secluded pool or outdoor spa area, access to water or just a luxury bathroom may be important. You’re loyal to the end to family and will stand by loved ones through thick and thin. There’s almost nothing that’s more important than your connection to your family, home and history.

Virgo at home: your domestic sign is a Sagittarius

With the qualities of Sagittarius influencing your home life, you may be a gypsy at heart. You might prefer a low-maintenance or fuss-free home or opt to rent so you have the choice to move or relocate should you want to. Fewer demands and more flexibility will be important, so think low-key with gardens, design, and décor. Sagittarius is fairly relaxed and you may like a fluid schedule at home or prefer impromptu catchups with family. Style-wise, this zodiac aesthetic, think bold and bright colors and proudly display mementos of your travel adventures. Books and academic achievements may feature, too. You may have an opendoor policy where friends and family are welcome to drop in or enjoy hosting a regular meal with loved ones.

Libra at home: your domestic sign is a Capricorn astrology aesthetic

You might love old buildings or dream about living in a historic property. As we have seen with other signs this sign in terms of astrology design is one of the minimalist zodiac signs. With vintage-loving Capricorn influencing your domestic life, structure and stone might be important. Consider this zodiac aesthetic a stone feature in the garden or entryway, or display a stone or ceramic Buddha head in your home. Routines with the family will matter and you might feel more relaxed when the week or month is planned out in advance. You can be good in a crisis and loved ones may rely on you when they go through testing periods. A home you can comfortably afford is important, as you’ll want to ensure you make good money choices in relation to your living situation. A cautious or conservative attitude can help you create a home you can enjoy for years to come.

Scorpio at home: your domestic sign is a Aquarius

Technology and accessibility may be important at home, as the qualities of innovative and social Aquarius rule your domestic life. You might want the latest gadgets or a super-fast internet connection. A home that’s connected to your social hub or local community will help you avoid feeling lonely or disconnected. As an air sign, Aquarius loves space, so consider an airy, light or open layout. A home that provides this zodiac aesthetic space for your quirky talents and hobbies is perfect, so you might dedicate a room or workshop for a personal interest project. Moving around a lot isn’t ideal for you, so take the time to select a location that meets your needs — once you settle you won’t want to leave. Conversation and connection with family is top priority, so think about hosting a regular meal or relaxed social event.

Sagittarius at home: your domestic sign is a Pisces astrology aesthetic

You might take a relaxed attitude to your home and focus less on creating the perfect house and more on nourishing family bonds. With the water sign Pisces influencing your domestic life, you prioritise people over perfection. Comfy couches and relaxed lounging areas are ideal for long conversations, games and meals that stretch on for hours. It is not surprising that this sign, in terms of astrology design, is one of the dominant minimalist zodiac signs. Friends and family know they’ll be well taken care of in your home. For this this zodiac aesthetic, spiritual or Zenlike style might appeal, or you might create a soothing pool, spa or bathroom space. Time for mystical experiences, like meditation, or creative pursuits will be important and you may set up an arts or crafts area. Flexibility and the option to move or rearrange your space may be important, too.

Capricorn at home: your domestic sign is a Aries

You may be a dynamo at home or love the challenge of a DIY or fix-it project. Your sometimes cautious Capricorn ways take a back seat as the independent — and sometimes impatient — qualities of Aries influence your home and family life. You may take the lead to stay connected with relatives, while at the same time realising that you need freedom and space at home to truly be yourself. You might like a dedicated area that’s yours, that flatmates or family don’t interfere with. The fire element of Aries suggests visual elements, like striking art and colourful accents, are important. Fire loves to be up high, so for this zodiac aesthetic opt for a two-storey home or high-rise apartment rather than living too close to the ground. If you do have a backyard, you might splurge on a deluxe barbecue or fire pit.

Aquarius at home: your domestic sign is a Taurus astrology aesthetic

Even though you’re an air sign, home is where you come to get grounded and calm your sometimes frazzled energy. A garden or green space will be important, as getting your hands in the dirt can help anchor you after time in the world. For this zodiac aesthetic think potted herbs or a container garden if space is tight. Natural fabrics are ideal and you may prefer a serene or tranquil home without a lot of activity. Hands-on projects or crafts are sources of joy and you’ll want a well-stocked kitchen for cooking adventures. Quality food, wine, and soft furnishings may be important, so splurge on organic linens. When hosting, think of a tasty meal for a small group rather than large crowds. Quality counts and you’re willing to wait or work for the home you crave. You can be loyal with family and prefer regular, planned events rather than spontaneous gatherings.

Pisces at home: your domestic sign is a Gemini

Connection and community may be important domestic themes, as you have chatty Gemini influencing your home and family life. Connectedness can relate to access to people, like living near family, friends or a great cafe and restaurant area. It can also mean connection to the world through superfast internet access, or living in a place that has a great cultural component. Your curiosity and restlessness can mean settling down is tricky. Even once you buy a home, you may be constantly rearranging furniture, tweaking this zodiac aesthetic décor or moving things around in the garden. Movement and flexibility are key in your home and family life. Staying in touch with family is also important to this zodiac aesthetic, whether you do that through regular family dinners or via Skype and messenger if you live away.

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