How To Decorate With Air Plants

Want to learn how to decorate with air plants? Air plants are really cool and even more fun to decorate with. They can totally transform a space. They don’t need water or light to survive – and they are self-sustaining. Most people choose air plants when they are transitioning to a new home or apartment. Air plants make a great housewarming gift and they work well as hostess gifts.

While there are many kinds of air plants, it can be difficult to know exactly which kind you have. Luckily, this isn’t necessary for decorating with air plants. Their hardiness makes them perfect for adding to any room of your home. The benefit of using air plants is that they don’t require much attention – or any at all. The trick is to not kill them.

The history of the air plant is pretty interesting. They are native to the Caribbean and South America, but due to human migration, their habitats have extended into Central America and many parts of North America. Even so, they can only be found in two places on Earth: rain forests in Mexico and Guatemala. Interestingly enough, air plants aren’t a plant at all! The name comes from them being able to float in the air – roots down and leaves up. This is accomplished by using thin strands of spongy material that collect water without causing the plant to sink as normal roots would do.

The air plants have a minimal root system, which means you can display them in many different containers and holders. Mostly air plants just sit wherever you put them and in whatever vase you use. They are easy to incorporate into any interior design style.

Air plants are well known for their uniqueness since they can thrive without soil and without a permanent home. They can last for many years and do not need to be watered very often. This makes them an ideal plant for any home, as they are great for the environment by retaining more oxygen than most other plants on earth. Besides being environmentally friendly, air plants also add a beautiful natural look to any space.

The surface of these types of plants is covered with “tentacles” that grow as it ages. These varying shapes create cool effects when they’re placed inside different containers or used in floral arrangements or focal areas throughout your home d├ęcor ideas. With this type of design flexibility, you can use your imagination completely when decorating.

If you are into a modern or contemporary design you can use an air plant to create a piece of art or design with the plant. You can even use the plants without any vase and place them on the floor as an interesting feature of your interior design. The choice is completely up to you because these types of designs are totally interchangeable.

Air plants can create a style in your home that is trendy, contemporary, and green – all at the same time!

Check out our gallery below for some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate with air plants:

How to Create Your Own Air Plant Decor

Air Plant Terrariums

1. Choose a glass container – the clear glass will allow your plants to photosynthesize and grow. I use a lot of repurposed jars, like peanut butter jars, storage containers, shot glasses, and mason jars with lids. You can also find small terra cotta pots. I love how you can see right through them! Everyone has lots of jar lids just waiting to be used for this!

2. Add stones and rocks around the bottom of the terrarium as drainage material – this helps prevent rotting and mold growth.

3. Add a small amount of sand to fill up the gaps between rocks – this adds texture and gives the impression that your terrarium is full, even when you’re using a small jar! Sand should be rinsed to remove any impurities or chemicals from manufacturing processes, such as oils used in transporting it on the boat from other countries. I always buy my sand at Home Depot because it’s natural and not bleached white with heavy chemicals like you’ll find at some garden stores. You can also use quartz gravel or just plain washed pea gravel instead, which is what I sometimes use if I’m going for a rustic look.

4. Start potting your plants!

Where to Decorate With Air Plants

Where to put your air plant. New or old, natural-looking pieces will work well with an air plant such as driftwood, dried logs, rope, and other natural textiles. You can also try anything that has been made from reclaimed wood or metal scraps. They look great on their own in a small glass vase filled with pebbles (actually any container will do as long as it’s non-porous). Air plants are perfect for tabletop decor because they add a bit of greenery without taking up too much room!

If you are wondering what is the best room to place one in, the answer is a room that gets indirect sunlight during the day. I like to put it near a window for some afternoon sun, but remember that too much direct light will eventually kill your plant because of how sensitive they are to water loss.  

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