7 Tips on How To Decorate a Two Story Foyer

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A beautiful well-designed foyer will make a home feel more inviting. But knowing which steps to take to decorate a two-story foyer may not seem obvious. Consider the foyer your opportunity to sweep guests off their feet. Whether visitors are welcomed into a soaring space crowned with a sparkling chandelier, or a cozy foyer with warm wood floors and a bouquet of blooms, the foyer sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Foyer designs should reflect your home’s overall style and personality. When you set out to decorate a two story foyer, always begin by considering the functions it needs to serve. Foyers are the ultimate place to blend beautiful design and functionality. This is one space in the home that has to work for the whole household and utilizing the space to fit your life is important.

When gathering two-story foyer design ideas, think of this space as your home’s first impression. When you and guests enter your home, do you want your foyer to evoke a sense of calm and order or energy and excitement? Being that two-story foyers are typically high-traffic areas of the home, durability is a must for any furniture and decor selections. You’ll also want to ensure that the color palette and style flows with the styles in the other rooms of your home. Having a two-story foyer that feels like the first step and natural progression into the rest of your home stylistically can be a beautiful way to create design harmony in your home.

Whatever design style, color palette, and decor you chose to put into your two-story foyer don’t forget to make it feel personable to you. Your foyer should make you happy to be home, and a well-designed foyer can feel like a warm hug or awe-inspiring moment to anyone entering your space. The simple and basic formula on how to decorate a two-story foyer is:

statement light fixture + accent seating or surface (table) + wall art + area rug

If you have a large budget you can add in enhancements around molding, front door, and stair railings. However, this is just a basic formula if you are serious about adding some true creative power to your two-story foyer we’ve gathered many examples to get started on your creative journey.

Living Room Ideas is here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of these picks are independently selected and curated if you buy something linked to on our site, we may earn a commission.

Tips on How To Decorate a Two Story Foyer

1. Be bold and bright

The right paint color on the walls makes all the difference. Used here: Sherwin-Williams’ Convivial Yellow. Painting nearly every wall the color of sunshine gives a two-story foyer a fresh, cheery outlook.

Because yellow is everywhere, it feels almost like a neutral. Followed with flooring with a tone-on-tone pattern adds interest and warmth underfoot.

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

These elements bring some “hard” edges to balance the layers of softness that characterize the space

2. Add a chilled element to the space

An eclectic mix of antiques gains a sophisticated, pulled-together look in this two-story foyer, thanks to a cooling wall color paired with plenty of crisp white. With a detailed light fixture and framing wall result is chic and classic, perfect for welcoming guests.

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

Vintage finds like a sunbeam mirror at the end of the foyer lend personality and visual vibrancy. An art collection on a foyer wall doesn’t have to be expensive. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be art. Arranged carefully, flea-market finds can create a gallery wall.

3. Bring in various elements

Eclectic, not chaotic, this two-story foyer, has multiple globe-trotting accents—all held together by clean and white walls. The blur runner along the stairs, statement tapestry, and antique rug keep things interesting and gives the space a true personality.

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

  • a textural patterned area rug
  • a contrasting runner for the stairs
  • various textural wall art
  • a statement tapestry (you can also use a runner on your wall to create this look)

4. Add print to decorate a two-story foyer

Today’s fresh, contemporary wallpapers are perfectly suited to make a statement in imaginative ways. Framing paper in decorative molding adds luxe style to a large wall or hallway. Choose a graphic pattern in neutral tones for a look that impresses but doesn’t overwhelm.

Location, location, location. Having a seating area is common in a foyer but where you place it can have a great effect on the feelings evoked in the space near a window or right below the stairs is a great location

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

  • a conversation area (two chairs (table optional)
  • printed wallpaper fitted in foyer molding
  • statement rug
  • accent table with lamp, pictures, and flowers

5. Centralize Focus

A central focal point and intriguing mix of treasured antiques and weathered vintage finds give a two-story foyer personality—and surprising elegance. Turn to the treasures you already own—mementos, flea-market finds, and family heirlooms—to create a centerpiece.

Dress up a chandelier or light fixture to fall right in line with your center piece to give the eye a clear space to follow.

Fresh flowers every decorator’s secret weapon (and they’re as close as your nearest supermarket) dress up your foyer with blooms of varying heights and textures to bring everything together

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

  • an area rug
  • accent table
  • table decor, vase, flower arrangement
  • chandelier
  • statement art

6. Add art to decorate a two story foyer

Add one-of-a-kind appeal to a two-story foyer with original “art. Pages from one old book and inexpensive matching frames provide an entire foyer hallway-worth of prints. Replicate the look yourself: Keep your eye out at flea markets and used bookstores for inexpensive titles with appealing illustrations.

Cutting a plain poster into individually framed quadrants is an easy way to give it a contemporary look.

Statement-making and substantial, adding a dresser provides a foyer with style and storage to spare—be sure to add artwork that visually balances the bulk and doesn’t compete with the character.

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

  • a dresser
  • frames varying in size and arrangement
  • table decor, lamps, flower arrangement
  • old images, prints, photographs, and illustrations

6. Everything in its place

Just because it is a two-story foyer doesn’t always mean there will be a lot of space. Finding ways to decorate with limited space is essential. A foyer can be a multifunctional room with a lot more personality. Finding a small nook to place seating and lining art along the wall will create a decorated look without taking up space.

And you can always throw in a chandelier to compensate.

Decorate this two-story foyer with:

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