3 Impressive Groovy Swivel Chair Alternatives

If you know anything about plush pod-like chairs, you’ll know that the Groovy Swivel Chair by West Elm is extremely nice. It is all about appearance and comfort. It comes in a variety of colors that allows you to easily add it to your personal color palette. Now we love West Elm as much as the next, but sometimes we have a budget to stick to especially when it comes to remodeling or changing decor and furniture.

This accent chair complements its surroundings as well as a curve to any body type. The Groovy Swivel Chair is the perfect item to add to a living room where your style is eclectic or modern. But it isn’t the only chair with those features. And at $499 it definitely isn’t in everyone’s budget.

Furniture is among the costliest purchases and shopping for furniture can be overwhelming. Even when shopping for bargain furniture the results are limited. With so many shopping options available these days, it can be easy to get sucked into a spending hole — but you don’t have to. Whether you want to incorporate small decor items from cool artisan makers or find large staple furniture buys, it’s totally possible to do so without spending a fortune.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go further into debt to make your new home cozy and aesthetically pleasing. If you are in the market for something similar that won’t break the bank, we have a nice collection of Groovy Swivel Chair alternatives.

Groovy Swivel Chair Alternatives

If you’re seeking the Groovy Swivel Chair’s comfort:

Comfort may be the primary benefit and the main selling point of the groovy swivel chair. Like many pod or egg chairs, their support structure is engineered to respond to any body shape and movement. Their ergonomically sound design supports proper posture and alleviates strain in the back, shoulders, and neck. The cocooning embrace from pod chairs puts your mind at ease and soothes the body. Here are a few of our favorite pod chairs that can be great alternatives to the groovy swivel chair.


by MoonPod


Their Anti-Anxiety Float Chair. Unlike traditional beanbags, Moon Pod is uniquely engineered to support any body shape for maximum comfort and relaxation.

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If you’re seeking the Groovy Swivel Chair’s functionality:

The groovy swivel chair is technically a teen or kids chair and for good reason. This chair’s swivel feature makes it an engaging piece for a younger audience but its design makes it a great space where they can play games, read, or do homework. It’s a very stylish piece that can really be used in any room. Most pod chairs miss the main functionality of the groovy swivel chair .. the swivel. But we have an alternative that can still fit well with children and provide the swivel feature.

Tulip Chair

by Pillowfort


This upholstered chair gives a fun spot for comfortable lounging in their bedroom or playroom. It features a tulip shape for a unique shape and comfy feel that hugs them as they relax.

If you’re seeking the Groovy Swivel Chair’s design:

The shape of the groovy swivel chair is pretty modern. Although advertised for teens it’s a great size for kids and adults and has look that goes well in almost any space. The round shape can help soften a space with stark edges and can provide an eye-catching moment for guests. One of the benefits of adding an accent chair with this type of design is that they fit nicely in a corner or in a grouping around a small table.

Beanless Bag Chair

by Zipcode Design™


This pod chair feels like you’re sitting on a cloud. Probably because it’s filled with air! Crafted from microsuede for an inviting look, this piece can inflate in no time to create an instant spot in your living room to kick back and relax with your favorite book or video game. 

Other strategies to purchase the groovy swivel chair for less

1. Buy used

Sites like CraigslisteBay, and AptDeco, are great for buying and selling used furniture. Check regularly to see if someone no longer needs theirs.

2. Let time be on your side

If you aren’t in a rush consider holding off on buying the groovy swivel chair until you can time it with spectacular sales. The holidays usually offer savings opportunities that can help bring the price down some.

3. Request Gift Cards

Housewarmings, birthdays, Christmas these events are always opportune for receiving a gift card. Let friends and family know your favorite stores to provide direction on where you like to shop and before you know it the groovy swivel chair can be yours.

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