DIY Decor: Hanging Botanical Prints Art

Botanical wall prints and an assortment of colorful flowers bring the space to life. “I tend to add lots of flowers everywhere,” she says. Wreaths are another year-round staple, but she customizes them by adding sprigs of lavender. See: A Guide For Choosing The Perfect Color Palette.

In general, Desiree’s décor carries the notes of spring. “My style is more light and bright with softer colors,” she says. “I kind of always keep it like that.” Still, there are elements that she saves for the spring season.

Another irresistible element of Desiree’s home is her assortment of doors. “I have a lot of doors in my house,” she says. “People see that I like them and then they give them to me.” In the living room, she added hanging light fixtures to a pair of doors, and in the hallway, she accented another door with metal hardware and a shelf. “A basic interior door is easy to find and customize to get that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in your house,” she says. A few coats of paint and some expert styling have made her home truly special with an added touch of country charm.

Hanging Botanical Prints Art


• Botanical wall prints
• Wood slats, ½-1 ½” wide (4 per print)
• Craft glue
• Clamp, or objects to clamp
• Measuring tape and pencil
• String or twine
• Hot glue gun and glue


1. Make sure your botanical illustrations are printed on cardstock for durability and thickness. You can find downloadable prints from an assortment of websites and bloggers. Desiree found hers from the blog Blesser House and printed them professionally on 11×17” cardstock with a white border.
2. Cut the wood slats. Measure the width of your prints, add one inch, and cut the slats to size. There should be ½ inch extra on each side of the print.
3. Using craft glue, adhere two slats to the top of the print on both the front and back. Clamp the piece together while it dries. Repeat this for the other two slats on the bottom of the print.
4. Once the glue is dry, measure 2 ½ inches from each side on the top back slat and mark with a pencil. Cut a length of twine and hot glue the ends to the markings.
5. Hang anywhere and enjoy your simple spring décor!

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