Converting a Living Room to Conversation Room Ideas

The mood we create for each room can inspire us to use it in the way we intend. Whether you have a large living room or a small sitting area, how can you create a mood that will encourage conversation and relaxation? The key to setting a mood for conversation is to arrange the furniture in such a way that people are really inspired to talk to each other and yet comfortable enough to relax and enjoy themselves in between conversation.

We enjoy the rooms in our homes when they are set up for a comfortable living and authentically reflect our lives. Every living room needs a conversation area, at least one place where friends and family can stop, take a breath, and really talk, no matter the shape or size of your living room.

So, what is exactly a conversation area? It is a well staged space, that has more than two chairs and offers a pleasant space for communication between people. People love it for the connecting function that it has. Conversation areas feel like perfect place for a quiet conversation. Or it has design elements that are proven to be a good conversation starter. Something that stimulates connection.

The most important element of a conversation area is comfort so if you take anything away from this article, make sure the chairs you choose are comfortable to encourage lingering over drinks and appetizers. Here are some other conversation room ideas to consider:

  • Start with the largest piece of furniture, usually your sofa, and add pieces from there.
  • Set furniture close enough together to allow for effortless conversation that won’t turn into an unintentional shouting match (family peace is a good goal!).
  • Have pieces for seating at similar heights and scales so no one is sitting taller than the others.
  • Place a tray or table within reach of every seat so family and guests can easily sip a drink and nibble on a treat. Use small stools, stacks of books, or trays on ottomans as such surfaces.
  • Make the most of large living rooms. Two chairs in a corner create a cozy place for a more private conversation.
  • Establish more than one conversation area in your home if possible.

Conversation Room Ideas

1. All Around

Start with a statement-making table. You can choose any shape, style, and color you like. Once you have a table in place, simply position the chairs.

If you are using a square table in your conversation area, you can place the chairs either at the corners or parallel to the sides of the table.

Simply add a decorative tray to the top of the table to create a sturdy surface to set down beverages or a vase of flowers.

2. Focal Point

This arrangement works perfectly when you are trying to highlight a focal point – whether that’s a fireplace, a television, a large picture window or set of french doors. Simply orient the seating pieces toward a focal point of your choosing with a coffee table or ottoman in the middle.

3. Face to Face

Arranging seating to face one another with a large table in the middle is a natural conversation-encouraging layout.

This look can easily be achieved with accent chairs, sofas, or a mix of the two.

A large coffee table in the middle offers a convenient place to set down a drink or play a game.

4. Room for Two

Unless the room is extra-large, arranging two to comfy seats with a table or ottoman in middle is a natural conversation-encouraging layout.

This look can easily be achieved with accent chairs.

If you’re ready to re-discover the art of conversation, then these tips can help guide you toward creating the ideal environment for chatting. If you’re not sure where to start, then just think of what would make you feel comfortable someone else’s home. Chances are, your guests will want the same.

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