Awkward Living Room Layout with Corner Fireplace

If you have an awkward living room layout with corner fireplace, you probably realize that arranging furniture around it is not that easy (especially if you also have a TV in that room). A living room with a fireplace is an asset in any home. It provides warmth during the winter months and also makes for a chic focal point. Corner fireplaces can be tricky to design around, but in the end comfort should rule.

With a living room with an awkward living room layout with corner fireplace, the number of furniture pieces will be limited. One sofa or two chairs may be all you can fit into this situation. The other solution is to buy an apartment-sized sofa or small sectional sofa that is smaller and will fit a small living room.

Do not place any furniture parallel to the corner fireplace. Placing furniture parallel and facing a fireplace will make traffic flow around the furniture difficult because the corners of the furniture will jut out.

It’s also not the best use of space.

Instead, place your sofa perpendicular in an awkward living room layout with corner fireplace and then place the second sofa (or two chairs) kitty-corner to the sofa. This will create an L shape furniture arrangement with the two sofas (or sofa and two chairs). If you have a sectional sofa, place it perpendicular to the corner fireplace as well.

In many cases, this means abandoning the traditional arrangements that align furniture around the walls of the room in favor of floating sofas, love seats, and chairs for a more open flow into the room and toward the centerpiece.

Below are some tips for arranging furniture with a corner fireplace:

Use painter’s tape to outline your arrangement. Before you move your furniture or bring new furniture into your living room, measure each piece carefully for length and width. Place the same length of tape on the floor where you intend on placing the furniture. This will help you to visualize your furniture arrangement.
Be sure to consider where the eye is drawn as you enter and sit in the room. Choose a focal point for the room, and orient your furniture around it. This will ensure an organized and balanced look. If you have a corner fireplace, this should be your center of attention.
Pay attention to comfortable traffic flow, leaving enough room between pieces for people to walk. If you change your mind, relocating the painter’s tape is a lot easier than moving the furniture.

You’ll see a lot of corner fireplaces positioned at a 45-degree angle across a corner, though another fireplace design option is to site them on a wall so one side abuts a corner instead.

There are more modern and boxlike versions of corner fireplaces that will sit square in a corner. There have openings on two sides, which allows people to enjoy the warmth of the fire from adjacent rooms.

Regardless of how you place it, a corner fireplace will quickly become the focal point of the whole room. This can be emphasized with the addition of pleasant and eye-catching mantels, stone surrounds that rise up to the ceiling, or curvaceous stucco-covered silhouettes.

When it comes to decorating an awkward living room layout with corner fireplace, one, or all three of the following things should be taken into consideration…

#1 ..All or part of your furniture placement should be directed toward the hearth. You want to place your furniture so its angles match / mirror the angle of the fireplace and how it extends out into the room.

#2 ..You want to place furniture so sofas talk to chairs, which promotes easy conversation while seated in the room.

#3 ..If you can, try to introduce furniture (corner cabinets, chests, sofa tables, round drop-leaf tables, etc) or decorative elements (folding screens, artificial potted trees, large urns on pedestals, etc) into the corner(s) of the room to cut off the room’s corners; as the corner fireplace does.

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