25 Stunning Afrocentric Living Room Ideas

Africa is excitement, color, and beauty, and you can echo this thought throughout any room in your home truly. Afrocentric decor can be dynamic, creative, and pretty much inspiring, so it makes sense that you would start with this style in the area we spend the most time in, the living room.

Afrocentricity was founded in the 1940s when Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor, president of Senegal and poet, used the term “negritude” to describe the effects of Western colonization upon black people without any reference to their culture, language, or place. (1) The purpose of design and style in the African setting is precise; it enables black individuals to attain status positions that are outside of their usual habitus. In doing so blacks use some of the visual tools of their oppression and liberation when creating their fashioned self-image. For that reason, Afrocentric style has become a virtuoso expression of African diaspora culture.

Africa is a beautiful exotic place with a rich cultural heritage and unique interior design. It has given us some of the greatest interiors and design moments, and the large, diverse continent has long been inspiring artists and designers with its bold graphics, strong silhouettes, and exquisite craftsmanship. Afrocentric style is exciting and can suit a variety of tastes, whether your taste is modern, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic.

From the enigmatic sculptures and the bold iconography to the understated and the minimal, here are some amazing Afrocentric living room ideas.

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Afrocentric Living Room Ideas

1. Earthy and Vibrant

A key to creating an Afrocentric living room is to make it warm-colored, think in terms of colors like yellow, orange, ocher, burgundy, red, brown, buttermilk, and so on.

2. Easy Elements

Baskets have long been a key element of Afrocentric style, whether on the wall or as a decorative storage option.

3. Structural Style

Wooden statuettes are well used in the Afrocentric style. Statues of tribal leaders in full regalia, animal figures, or warriors can be placed on shelves or tabletops as well as wooden frames, bold geometrical paintings, or photographs on the walls. 

4. Artly Minimal

There are a variety of masks, art, geometrical structures to decorate your home. These pieces are exactly what you need to give your interiors an Afrocentric feel, even if you are a minimalist.

5. Playing Textures

Weaving carpets and textiles are a tradition for many centuries fin African culture, and they create unique patterns each time. A play on textures is key for an Afrocentric living room, and of course easy to use with rugs because such carpets really create a mood.

6. Stunningly Simple

The beauty of Afrocentric décor is that it is a trend wide open to interpretation – there are just so many ways to incorporate it with your personal style. If you are drawn to ultra-blod interiors, hunt out the more ornate pieces that feature beadwork

7. Structured Seating

One African export that never dates is the iconic Butterfly Chair. Originally known as the Triplolina chair. Today its influence can be found in many structural chairs that are an ode to Afrocentric living.

There are different ways to add Afrocentricity into your interior design style, from buying a new vase to changing the color of your wall paint, how far you want to go is really up to you. Continue below to see more Afrocentric living room ideas.

Images sourced from Pinterest.

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