7 Vertical Shiplap Living Room Design Ideas

A vertical shiplap living room will add depth, texture, and personality to your living room or any room or space in your home. Versatile shiplap accommodates all styles, including farmhouse, modern, rustic, even chic and refined, or you can create your own unique design for something more artistic or whimsical. When it comes to farmhouse or rustic décor, it’s all about the wood paneling. But is it shiplap you want to install, or were you thinking of clapboard or beadboard? Whether you’re looking for siding for your exterior or to decorate the interior, here are some vertical shiplap living room design ideas.

This type of wood paneling has overlapping pieces that appear to be stacked side by side. “Shiplap adds subtle dimension to walls and ceilings without being overtly busy,” says Sarah of Sarah Catherine Design. Each piece of wood has a simple L-shaped groove on both sides called a rabbet, which interlocks with the next piece. When the individual pieces stack horizontally, the rabbets help keep the paneling tight and the spacing even. Shiplap comes in a variety of board widths, but the most common are 6–8” wide.

Depending on the look you are striving to achieve, you may want to consider shiplap orientation. Horizontal shiplap is the most common application in homes. It is also the easiest to install since you do not need furring strips as you might in a vertical application. When considering a vertical shiplap living room weigh the pros and cons, like the size of the space, ceiling height, and your interior design style. 


  • Makes walls appear taller
  • Popular in Mid Century, Modern, or Contemporary homes
  • Common on accent walls

Vertical shiplap has a modern contemporary feel to it, being a more uncommon application. If you live in a home with lower ceilings, vertical shiplap will work to your advantage as the gap lines will help elongate your walls and give the illusion of taller walls and higher ceilings.

Vertical shiplap is a nice addition as wainscoting, in a mudroom area, or in the living room. It can counterbalance the horizontal lines of a table, shelves, or countertops in those areas.

If you are looking to install shiplap vertically on an accent wall, you will want to install furring strips horizontally to ensure a secure fit. For more on installation, check out some of this video on install tips.


White shiplap provides a nice accent to this modern farmhouse living room, creating a clean, crisp feel to the room. Applying the shiplap horizontally makes this small space appear more expansive.

DIY-friendly shiplap panels will help you quickly and easily design an accent wall around your windows, creating a focal point in the room and a cozy sitting area for you and your friends and family. With quality shiplap boards and a few power tools, anyone can install vertical shiplap.

For a dramatic and personalized room, consider an accent wall with vertical shiplap painted a deep, dark color. The pop of color creates a unique space with lots of depth and texture, representing your own individual style.

For this modern, sleek living room, applying white shiplap towards the ceiling produces harmony and a sense of continuity to the room’s clean lines. The bright-white shiplap also provides a sharp contrast to the black lighting fixtures. Running the shiplap parallel to the room’s longest width makes the area look more prominent and draws attention to the window and outdoors — the room’s focal point.

The white shiplap used vertically behind the tan shelving adds texture and personality to this tailored living room. The shiplap also draws the eyes upward, creating the illusion of width, while the upholstered furniture and carpet runners add layered depth to the space.

For this rustic-farmhouse living room, grey vertical shiplap creates a bold statement, adding texture and warmth to the space. The contrasting bright-white window trim adds interest and provides a focal point, bringing the daylight into the homey living room.

Vertical shiplap creates instant hygge in a living room nook — warmth, coziness, and relaxation. The warm-grey plush ottoman and blanket offer texture and depth against the solid white wall, providing a peaceful, quiet reading nook in a living room.

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