7 Marilyn Monroe Living Room Ideas

Nearly everyone is familiar with the iconic late model and actress Marilyn Monroe’s signature style. A Marilyn Monroe living room has a distinct style and aura of its own that makes it both inviting and visually appealing. Instantly bringing home a sense of serenity and calm, most Marilyn Monroe inspired living rooms exude luxury while filling the space with pops of color. Marilyn Monroe’s image plays a hefty role in this aesthetic: femininity, sophistication, a dash of playfulness. There are so many ways to incorporate this beautiful historical figure into your living room’s décor.

Marilyn Monroe Living Room – Colors

While it’s important to know your personal color palette, a Marilyn Monroe living room often leans towards soft, muted colors—think light pastels and creamy neutrals. Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for bright colors—in fact, bright colors, such as hot pink or a vivid purple, work well in a Marilyn Monroe inspired space —but to create a real luxurious vibe, soft is usually best.

Marilyn Monroe Living Room – Patterns and Textures

To achieve a Marilyn Monroe aesthetic, put away the hard lines and geometric shapes in favor of items with soft, round edges. (Well, don’t put them away completely—every room needs balance, including a combination of straight and curvy.) Marilyn Monroe style is achieved through curves and decorative flourishes, so don’t be afraid to choose items with a little flair.

Additionally, textures and the way you use them can determine the overall feel of a living room. Combine hard with soft, shiny with matte, and smooth with coarse for impeccable style. The combination of textures will add depth to the living room. More specifically, when it comes to Marilyn Monroe inspired rooms, feel free to use a healthy dose of different materials, including cotton, silk, velvet, linen, chenille, and cashmere.

Marilyn Monroe Living Room – Furniture and Accessories

When it comes to creating a Marilyn Monroe aesthetic, a lot can be done through the use of certain materials. Faceted crystal, gilt, mirror, and marble are just a few of the traditional materials associated with Marilyn Monroe. 

Furniture should include decorative feminine flourishes, such as button tufting and carved details—though not every piece, or it will be too overwhelming, but some pieces for sure. While no room should ever be overcrowded with furniture, Marilyn Monroe inspired living rooms tend to include more decorative pieces simply because they look great, not just for practical purposes. Additionally, accessories play a huge role in Marilyn Monroe inspired interiors. A vase of fresh flowers, throw pillows, and objets d’arts—that is, works of art—are represented heavily, but always tastefully and not overdone.

One of the biggest challenges in shaping a Marilyn Monroe inspired living room is finding that fine line between a sensible and stylish space and a room that reminds you of a girls’ bedroom that is drenched in multiple shades of pink. Since it is still a living room, try to incorporate a few subtle masculine features that give the room a balanced yet beautiful atmosphere.

Decor that is visually delicate is a key aspect in shaping a living room with a Marilyn Monroe vibe. Plush rugs, soft textiles, and cozy chairs and sofas with rounded edges are a great and simple way of achieving this look. To get you started on your path to Marilyn Monroe decor here are a few ideas and decor to help you on your quest:

Marilyn Monroe Living Room Ideas

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to inject a sense of Marilyn Monroe into any space. This is where you can play with color and texture to give a sense of femininity, glam, and luxury. The colors that you use obviously depend on the color scheme of the remainder of the house.

In this living room, Marilyn Monroe is less of a theme and more of a statement. The large black, wall art hanging above the storage unit immediately draws the eye. This room focuses less on the feminine aesthetic and more on the icon making it easy to stylize your other décor around this theme.

If you have a space for an area rug, turn it into the focal point of the room, as its soft, fuzzy feature helps enhance the feminine quality of the space. It is simple changes such as this that make a huge difference in the larger scheme of things.

Natural plants, acrylic coffee tables, mirrored finishes and colorful lampshades also add to the appeal of a Marilyn Monroe living room. At the same time, it is best to avoid sharp edges, too many simple, straight lines, and a minimal approach to decorating when crafting a feminine living room.

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