5 Inspiring Sage Green Decorating Ideas

While grey may be a popular neutral it’s important to keep in mind sage green. It’s a color that has been popping up everywhere. From fashion to appliances, it’s a neutral that is here to stay. The pastel tone of green nostalgia of a sage plant become popular once it hit Pinterest’s annual trend report in 2018. When decorating your living room this gentle green is a creative alternative to more common neutrals, going well with a wide range of wood tones, decorating styles, and accent colors.

Sage green conjures up emotions of being in nature. When used in the living room, it produces a sensation of bringing the outdoors in. As the interest in health and wellness within the living space increases, green is emerging as a key color in interior design. Being absorbed in nature is great for our mental health and wellbeing, when added to a living room, sage green provides a soothing palette.

Sage green is very classical and earthy and is often used in modern, minimalist interiors for a sophisticated effect. Don’t believe us? Check out these sage green decorating ideas below:

1. Sage Green Walls

Having a sage accent wall is a great way to style a living roo,. You can pair it with neutral frames or contrast it with white finishes. It’s a great way to experiment with sage green without going full on.

You can use sage in this manner to make it a focal point for guests or a great conversational starter. The feeling of nature really feels this living room and adding plants double on bringing the outside in.

2. Green Spaces and Places

In addition to having a sage green accent wall you can enhance a space and decorate with this calm color you can add in sage green furniture too. In this space, there are two tones of green, one dark that the other to create a complimentary feeling of space here.

If the frames of your sage green furniture do not indicate a specific period or style, your decorating options are open. Add warmth to the coolness of sage by continuing around the color wheel toward the warm color`

3. Where Wood Meets Green

If your home has features like wooden beams, ceilings, or hardwood floors, sage green can fit in very easily. In this space, the green looks super with the reddish-toned cherry ceiling. Choosing sage green is a way to bring a bit of your personality into any room without excessive effort.

4. Pastels and Sage Green

Pastels will always be a decorating do and range from playful to sophisticated. Pastels are perfect for one of the busiest places in your home. The use of sage green and soft pink combine to create a calming living environment.

Rosy shades of pink provide just enough contrast to keep it visually engaging. For a more casual feel, incorporate pastels on larger pieces. 

5. Go All In with Green

This sage green living room is fit for royalty thanks to a intricate stone fireplace. The sage walls accentuate the stone features. When paired with other shades of green and an abundance of foliage, the light shade of green lends a deep emersive feel.

When using sage to create a deep feel mix different types of plants in a range of sizes, arranging taller and bigger greenery around the hearth, and decorate your mantel with smaller potted plants.

Once you have your plants, layer in other accessories like books, vases, bowls, and art to really bring the space to life

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