4 Tips to Create An Inspiring Living Space


Think of your ultimate getaway. You know, that special place you envision as a release from the cares and weight of the world. Maybe it’s a charming cabin on the beach or a beautiful mountain resort where you can slow down, inhale the fresh air, and be restored with an inspired perspective. While it’s pleasant to head off on a vacation to recharge, what if you could create that same feeling of a retreat every day right where you are?

Your home can be a daily stop for relaxation and reenergizing when it’s filled with meaningful and deliberate beauty. Our home should inspire us to go out into the world to do the grand things we dream of and then embrace us back for restoration, just like we’d want to experience at our favorite getaway.

How do you get there, to that home you picture in your dreams? Is it even possible with the home you have? Creating an inspiring home is the slow process of learning to pay attention to what speaks to you and how your home feels to you. It invites you to embrace (and appreciate) the joy found even in the smallest details and improvements along the way. Here are some tips to get you started:

4 Tips to Create An Inspiring Living Space – Defining Your Design Style

Your style can weave together a beautiful story of your life and home. These four tips can help you shape and inspire a space that will be unique to you and will help you feel more connected to where you live:

1. Establish the space’s purpose.

  • How do you want to use the space?
  • As a place for rejuvenation?
  • A place to unwind with family?
  • A place to welcome new friends?

Defining the purposes of your room can help you select styles that will be the most appropriate for how you will use your space.

2. Brainstorm “inspiration words” to tell your story and create the mood of your home.

Draw ideas from places you love (or want to go!), the style of your home’s architecture, the landscape or terrain around your home, favorite books, colors, flowers, hobbies, etc. Select a few inspiring words to paint a picture in your mind of what your home will look like. As an example, here is a list of inspirational words that inspire many homes:

Forest & Sea. A home this may be located in the Pacific Northwest, literally nestled in between the forest and the sea. It’s location influences the color palette and mood of the space.

Adventure & Travel. A life of adventures can inspire a collection of compasses, ships, porthole mirrors, and other nautical elements. Adorning the space with maps, things collected from travels, quirky or unexpected elements discovered, or stacks of favorite books filled with photos or tales from afar.

Timeless & Eclectic. An eclectic blend of design styles with pieces from different countries and eras inspires. This mix brings a timeless layer of character, texture, and richness to a space.

3. Gather inspiration photos.

Look for photos on here or on Pinterest that evoke the feelings you want your home to echo. For best results, find rooms that have something in common with yours, such as size or style of windows, similar layouts, comparable architectural styles, or other similarities. Don’t worry if it’s a room full of expensive things you can’t have. Recreating a look on a budget is fun and completely doable. Focus on a few details that are easy to reproduce, such as open shelving displays, lighting choices, color schemes, curtain styles, or fabric patterns.

4. Consider which treasures you want to collect over time.

Once you have chosen your inspiration words, you can zero in on ideas as you move forward with your projects rather than go with every style whim or buy every random trinket you see. Making a list of the kinds of things you want in your home saves you money (no more impulse purchases to regret later) and gives you fun things to scout out at garage sales or thrift stores.

It’s helpful to eventually figure out what your style is. But free yourself from having to pigeonhole it. Instead, as you peruse magazines, Pinterest, and blogs, note your tastes and preferences. Pay attention to the ambience you long for. The creation of a home will become more enjoyable as it starts to enhance your life and authentically express your styl

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