10 Ways To Refresh Your Living Room

Revamping the decor in your space can be pretty daunting, especially if it’s something you haven’t worked on in quite some time. When you first moved in, maybe it was all about getting the essentials. But now that you’ve settled in, your style preferences may have changed. And adding something new to your space can be a great way to give it an updated look without having to make any major changes or investments (i.e., tossing out perfectly good furniture and buying all-new stuff). The living room is probably the most used area of your home, so why not put some special thought into its decor?

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Here are 10 ways you can refresh your living room:

1. Add New Accents

One of the easiest ways to create a fresh feel in a space is by switching up the accessories. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a new set of furniture and artwork, but you can easily change the look by accessorizing what you already have.

Perhaps there is a piece or two that could use some updating? You might think about exchanging those pillows on your sofa for something different, changing out your coffee table books for something with a fresh perspective, or getting rid of any dust collectors taking up space in your cabinets.

Our favorite accents:

2. Change Your Curtains

If you don’t want to do an overhaul of your window treatments, consider trading them out instead. You may even find that this small trade makes a big difference in the overall design scheme of the room – perhaps they’re slightly outdated or maybe they just no longer match as well as they used to.

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3. Update Your Shelves

Consider going through your books, decorations, and knick-knacks and swapping out any that are outdated or no longer reflect your taste. Similar to changing your curtains, this small switch-up will make a big difference in how the room feels overall.

4. Replace Furniture Pieces

Depending on what you have been using in the living room so far, you may be looking for a completely new look by replacing older pieces with something fresh and contemporary, mixing things up with an antique piece from grandma’s house, or adding a sleek storage solution for all of those coffee table books instead of dumping them into a pile on the floor.

5. Add Color

The easiest way to completely change the look and feel of a space is through color. In fact, if you take nothing else away from this article, remember that adding color makes a huge difference! If your living room is white or beige walls with neutral furniture, go bold by painting one wall a bright shade. If there’s already some color in the room, choose a new paint hue to update the tone and feel. And whether you decide on a solid monochromatic look or want to take advantage of an endless array of shades and hues, go for it—you can always switch things up later if it doesn’t work out as planned.

6. Refresh Furniture With New Fabric

Is the living room furniture looking old and worn? A fresh coat of paint on walls or a new area rug is a quick update, but if you really want to refresh the space, try giving new life to your upholstered pieces.

If it’s time for a sofa upgrade, consider buying one with slipcovers—they can be removed for cleaning or replaced when necessary. Or start with just the cushions: Swap out covers that are faded or torn for something brand-new (and equally stylish). Then bring in some colorful throw pillows for added pop. The same goes for any armchair—one snazzy cushion will make all the difference!

7. Layer on Layers

Add some layers to your coffee table—literally. From books to trays, to a tray topped with more books, anything you can pile onto a surface will make it feel new again.

8. Hide and Seek

You don’t have to buy an entirely new chair—just switch out the fabric! And if you do choose an entirely new piece of furniture for the living room, boho is in.

9. Give it a Good Cleaning

The quickest and easiest refresh of all: dust and vacuum everything, then wipe down every surface to eliminate any lingering grime (we’re looking at you, TV screen).

10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

One big mirror instantly adds depth and reflection to any space. You can hang one alone or pair two or more for a look that really pops. Just make sure they don’t compete with your color scheme—a square works well with a round table, while an around frame goes best with square tables.

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